Once in a while

Just sometimes.

I will wander down that road just sometimes.  Once in a while I will wonder why I gave up some pursuits. Once in a while I will see good things pass me by.  Once in a while I will realise that there is no point in looking back at something that once was.

It comes and fades away beautifully with a reminiscent memory.

It’s smiling when your heart is breaking.  It is keeping faith in someone who proved your otherwise time and again.  It is that quinessential moment when you take that leap, just to come crashing down. Then you look up and see a small ray of sunlight breaking through the clouds.  The little sign saying that it is going to be ok.  Regardless of what is, or what was. No point in wondering about tomorrow.  It hasn’t come.

That is why I want to hold on dearly to the now and change all I can, grasp everything within my reach.  Keep on trying,  The proverbial “you can do it, don’t give up” speech.

Funny how we can make life so difficult for ourselves, searching for answers to questions we have asked over and over again. Only to find out we had the answers all along, struggling to find acceptance with the truth that stares us in the face.

Signing off..drifting away..

The AC

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  1. Genie
    Aug 17, 2012 @ 17:05:54

    So true – I have such high hopes at present, that the chance discovery of these blogs about my particular illness, were not accidental and after baring the fact that I am the sufferer of a Chronic Mental Illness – perhaps assisting others likewise to be able to stand up and claim their own little place in the sun – we are, after all – still Human, we are also family, we are also parents and some of us have achieved much during our working careers. Our moods are controlled by medication so we are not spontaneous in our day to day lives. “We are all, in our lives, differently organised” – BYRON


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