How to start?

Isn’t that always such a good question… where is your starting point? Halfway through? At the beginning, the beginning of the end?

After all that I have been through lately, something has changed, a multitude of things.  I myself as a person, as a whole.  It is the weirdest thing.  I wish

I could explain it to someone.

After two weeks of intense meditation, reflection, hard work on myself, medication, self realization and any other -ion you can think of, something has begun to turn.

The wheel of life I suppose.  I feel a sense of self.  I feel more empowered.  I feel that I am gaining my life back again.  Regardless of all the hardship and all the trials I had to face.

They did not make me. My reaction to the hardship also did not make me.

I decided to put the past where it belongs, and to realise that there is only now.  That I am the warrior in this life, and that with each trial I will indeed be blessed with a form of tribulation.  To finally realize what it is like to celebrate life and leverage off the pain and anguish that fed off my spirit.

I didn’t do all of this on my own.  There were the very few who religiously stood by my side. Kirsten and the gang- forever grateful. Simon, I have no words to convey my appreciation for your kindness, your perseverance and belief in me.  It is a rare thing to have someone bestow such love and adoration on you.  You are too good for me. Much love to you, I love you.

It is a wonderful experience, but it is hard work to try and keep it all in one basket.  Easy does it as they say.

Signing off this evening, with a very grateful heart

The AC…

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  1. Genie
    Aug 18, 2012 @ 03:53:25

    It ias dawned on me that I have been thinking about real friends more and more – in this lifetime there are few of those that share the same values and with whom you have a wonderful rapport and one who you know that the word trust never ias to be spoken. Last evening I think I found someone who was a very big part of my life and who – from working with at the Oral B Section at Gillette went to the UK and then Australia. She had married Shaun, who was with IBM and an It Specialist – they are in Melbourne and Michele is in entertainment – used to do balloon displays – she also knew my late husband – I knew her mother Renata – they are Linkedin – I am for some silly reason unable to open a gmail account to trace her ! There are other ways but now I see how this works so well – someone to endorse you who really knew you and the plus factor – connecting !


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